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Ideas to liven up your meetings

So many people hate meetings. So what’s going wrong?

How can one make meetings more open, fun, creative and participative?

I’ve just read that you can

  1. open the meeting with a positive round.
  2. interrupt the meeting regularly.
  3. lose the table.
  4. get the body in there.
  5. use strategically placed silence.

If that all sounds rather strange to you, get the details on The Chief Happiness Officer Blog here.

Want to appear smart?

You’d like to appear smart in meetings? So what should you do? Writer and Comedian Sarah Cooper has the answers. Take a look at the nine tricks she gives us here (link to: medium.com). My favourites?: Ask people if they need anything. Grab some sticky notes and start drawing. What I definitely wouldn’t do? IContinue Reading

How to make your meetings more productive

Do you feel the meetings you go could be more productive? In this very short video clip, Luke Sherwin explains why he thinks the last five minutes are very important.

Women and meetings

Why don’t women speak up at meetings? Listen to researcher Victoria Brescoll explain how gender affects business meetings (link to: bbc.co.uk) in this short audio clip.

A simple trick

You want to make a good impression in a meeting? Sit yourself in the middle of a group. It’s a simple trick, according to Professor Wiseman (link to: YouTube), but it works.

Better late than never?

I often hear people complain that it’s very difficult to start meetings on time because their colleagues are not punctual. Next time you organise a meeting, you might like to get the last person to take notes. That might be a good way to stop people from coming late in the future. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?