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How to memorise anything

A former USA memory champion Joshua Foer (link to: YouTube.com) tells us how he memorises anything, including the first 100 digits of Pi.

He firsts converts numbers into words and then converts those words into images and ends up by going through his “memory palace”.

It’s amazing to see how it works!

How to avoid brain fatigue

Ron White gives us his tips and strategies on how to stay focused without getting distracted (link to: YouTube). He recommends that we set a clearly defined goal and know our mission, get into the habit of saying “no” and ignore the clutter.

How to improve our memory

Ron White has some tips for us on how to improve our memory using good habits (link to: YouTube). He recommends that we get enough sleep, drink enough water, exercise, reduce stress, avoid excessive sugar and alcohol, turn what we want to remember into a picture, and use the “Mind Palace”. He should know. HeContinue Reading

Let’s stimulate our brain growth

US memory champion Ron White is back again to teach us some weird brain exercises (link to: YouTube) to help us improve our memories.

Remembering what we’ve read

Ron White‘s here again (link to: YouTube.com) to help us learn how to memorise what we’ve read this time.

More on memorising numbers

In this video, Ron White tell us how he uses the “Mind Palace” to remember numbers. He says that anyone can learn these techniques. He makes it all sound so easy. He creates pictures for the numbers 1 – 20. And he also creates pictures for all the letters of the alphabet. And then he usesContinue Reading

Memorising numbers

In this video, Ron White tells us how he memorises numbers (link to: YouTube.com). He explains how he uses pictures and then shows us how he ties everything together. It looks so easy, doesn’t it? I’m sure we could all improve our memories. We just need to train them more!

How to train the brain

Do you remember the memory test a week or so ago? If you feel you need to improve your memory, take a look at these nine excellent tips here – from a Grand Master of Memory, Ed Cooke. I think coming up with a narrative works really well. Oh yes, and using your imagination, too. OneContinue Reading

Train your brain

Do you have difficulty in memorising passwords? This short video clip (link to: memorise.org) has some valuable information for you. But it’s top secret, so beware!

Do you have a good memory?

If you’d like to see how good your memory is, watch this short video clip (link to: telegraph.com) and then scroll down the page to answer the questions. If you remembered 10 – 15 objects in order, you’re average. 13 – 16 objects means you’re above average. And if you remembered more than 16, you’re great.Continue Reading