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A tool to help you simplify and amplify your productivity

If you’re a checklist lover, you’ll love checkli. You can create, save and manage your free checklists, tasks and goals for everything in your life. They says its for “students, teachers, business professionals, content marketers, moms, dads, pilots, nurses, doctors and everyone who wants to be way more productive and efficient in life”.

Sound good? Give it a try here (link to: checkli.com).

Follow the 10-3-2-1-0 formula

According to author and fitness coach Craig Ballantyne (link to: inc.com), the best way to structure your day is to follow the 10-3-2-1-0 formula. He recommends doing the following to improve your energy and productivity: 10 hours before bed: No more caffeine 3 hours before bed: No more food or alcohol 2 hours before bed: No moreContinue Reading

Close your inbox next time you go on holiday

Next time you go on holiday, don’t set up an auto reply email saying that you’re gone and when you’ll be back and who to contact if it’s urgent. Just close your inbox. There are companies doing just this now. According to The Chief Happiness Officer Blog, your auto reply could look something like this: I’m onContinue Reading

How to trick our brains

In this article (link to: fastcompany.com), Sandra Bond Chapman, founder and chief director of the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas, explains that multitasking, information overload, and constant interruptions are damaging the way our brains work. She and her team of researchers have developed a brain training program that claims to “improve focus,Continue Reading

Want to be more productive?

I’d like to share an article with video clip (link to: forbes.com) with you today explaining why the 8-hour workday is outdated and doesn’t work. It might have been relevant years ago, but it’s no longer relevant today. If we want to be as productive as possible, we need to structure our day differently. According to aContinue Reading

How to improve your sleep, energy and productivity

According to fitness coach Craig Ballantyne, we just need to follow a simple 10-3-2-1-0 formula if we’re looking to improve our productivity. 10 hours before bed: No more caffeine 3 hours before bed: No more food or alcohol 2 hours before bed: No more work 1 hour before bed: No more screen time 0: The number of timesContinue Reading

Boosting productivity

Listen to Mark and Chris Edwards, co-founders of the chocolate brand Snappers, explain what they do to boost productivity. They suggest: leading by example and hiring motivated people.

Want to boost your productivity?

Listen to Randy Komisar explain how he boosts his productivity – and stays healthy at the same time. (In a nutshell: he cycles and meditates.)

Watch your body language

Watch this slideshow (link to: inc.com) to see whether you are making any of these 21 common body language mistakes. And remember that body language has different meanings in other cultures.

Change your communication

Are you looking for some quick and easy ways to improve your communication so that you don’t waste other people’s time? In this article (link to: inc.com) you’ll learn how. Reduce the number of words you use. Make your content scannable by using bullet points and lists. Use more photos and illustrations. Organise shorter meetings. Discard anything that isContinue Reading