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How to get talking

Not everyone likes networking and socialising. Some people can get talking without any problems whatsoever. Others find it difficult to get started.

Memorising some conversation openers can help. You’ll find 17 here (link to: https://www.inc.com).

And remember, always ask open-ended questions, such as: “What do you like about your job?” It’s the best way to get the other person to speak about him- or herself.

Closed-ended questions are those question that only get a “yes” or “no” reply. That’s not what we want, do we?

Getting ready for 2017

Are you planning a New Year’s Eve party and haven’t been able to give it much thought because of Christmas? Marieclaire.com might inspire you. What about organising a last-minute Black and White party or a Glitter party or a Black Light party or a Mini Everything party? My favourite is the Midnight in Paris party. However,Continue Reading

Body language

Watch this short video (link to: inc.com) to see if you’re making any of these body language mistakes.

Get talking

If you find it difficult to make small talk, just follow this three-step formula (link to: time.com). Reveal something small about yourself. Ask an open-ended question (that means a question that doesn’t just call for a “yes” or a “no” answer). Talk about what’s going on in the world. You’ll make a confident and intelligent impression.

When your partner says ‘thank you’ (part 2)

You might remember that we spoke about this topic some time ago (in June last year to be exact!). In Germany, when someone says, “Danke”, people normally reply, “Bitte”. But what do you do in English? You don’t have to say anything. However, if you feel you must, try some of these phrases: It was my pleasure. I’mContinue Reading

Did you know?

You can always talk about the weather when socialising with a customer or colleague. However, what about starting the conversation with a surprising fact? Something like: “Did you know that London taxi drivers (called ‘cabbies’) have to pass a tough test called ‘The Knowledge’ before they can drive the black cabs (or taxis)”? Read more interesting factsContinue Reading

Get talking

In Geoffrey’s article you’ll find seven excellent questions to start some excellent conversations with about anybody you’d like to connect with. Words you’ll find in the text: A ‘guilty pleasure’ is something you shouldn’t like, but like anyway. A ‘bucket list’ is a list of things you’d like to do before you die (to ‘kick the bucket’ means ‘toContinue Reading

Just twist your sentence

I love this tip. Joanna Goddard tells us how to introduce people to one another – with a nice little twist. The idea is to say the person’s name first and their relationship to you second. And not the other way round. It’s so easy, isn’t it?

My name is …

Look at this slideshow to see how not to introduce yourself. You’ll find some good tips here.

Thank you so much

You’ve been given a present or some good advice, been invited out to a meal or to a job interview, or someone has helped you? And you want to say thank you either in person or in writing. So what could you say? Here are some suggestions: Thank you for the lovely present. It’s suchContinue Reading