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Early bird or a night owl?


So are you more of a morning or an evening person? Or are you a mix of both? Do this quiz to find out. (I particularly like the last question!)

How do you respond to expectations?

How do you respond to expectations? Are you the Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel? Do Gretchen Rubins’ test to find out.

To multitask or not to multitask?

Don’t studies often show that multitasking is not good for us? Normally doing two things at the same time slows us down. Well, listen to Scientific American’s 60-second podcast to learn how multitasking actually improved results!

Let’s watch our language

Here are five habits of speech (link to: inc.com) we might want to get rid of, according to Geoffrey James. Holding speeches rather than conversations (what Geoffrey calls “speechifying”). Interrupting others. Talking behind someone’s back or speaking unfavourably about someone (what Geoffrey calls “badmouthing”). Using offensive terms or swearing. Bragging (what Geoffrey calls “horn-tooting”).

How optimistic are you?

Answer the nine questions in this little online quiz to find out how optimistic you are My result? “Sunshine with Patchy Fog. Everything’s coming up roses – most of the time. Your outlook is optimistic, but you tend to think more positively in the short term rather than in the long run.  You see the goodContinue Reading

When and why do people lie?

Listen to Scientific American’s 60-second podcast entitled “Is Lying a Good Strategy?”. It’s fairly demanding, so don’t worry too much if you don’t understand everything. You can also find the transcript on the page to help you.

Choose your favourite colour

This surprised me. Let’s see if it surprises you, too. Do Richard Wiseman’s online personality test. Were you surprised at the results? Were they accurate?

Are you suspicious, too?

How suggestible are you? Do Richard Wiseman’s short test to find out.

How to stop overeating

Richard Wiseman’s video explains some truly amazing ways to stop overeating. Find out how a mirror in the kitchen can help or chewing gum or serving snacks on a red plate. If you want to lose weight, there’s really no excuse now! 😉

Are you a designer?

How good are you with colour? Do you have what it takes to become a designer? Do the test (link to: designation.io) to find out! Well, I’m pleased I decided to stick with language and communication training! 😉