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Save money and connect with your neighbours

How NeighborGoods Works from NeighborGoods on Vimeo.

We all have so many things stored in our cellars and gardens, don’t we? What do you think about this business idea I read about in America? NeighborGoods will let you share equipment with neighbours, like lawnmowers, ladders and drills. They say it’s a great way to save money and resources, and to strengthen the community.

Could this be a success in Germany, too? Or do we already have something similar here?

Going organic

Learn about the Hipp family business and their product: organic baby food. Follow this link to watch the video. You just need to scroll down the page and click on ‘The report as video on demand’.

How to travel light? Not with this jacket.

If you’re not worried about travelling in style, you might like the idea of this jacket with its 42 secret pockets (link to: bbc.com). It can carry a laptop, tablets, smartphones, headphone cables and chargers, sunglasses and a lot more. However, the company suggests that you don’t fill all 42 pockets at once!

A new business idea?

I’ve just read about a holiday decorating service and wonder if any of my readers have their homes or businesses decorated by someone else. I like decorating the home myself, so I couldn’t imagine anyone else decorating for me. But perhaps there are people who don’t have the time or energy. According to thebalance.com, one can offerContinue Reading

Eight well-designed products

What do you think about these well-designed products (link to: inc.com)? Is there anything you would choose? I like the design of the kettle by Alessi, Muji’s ballpoint pens and the Bose headphones. And you? What would you go for?

Looking for decorative ideas?

Are you planning a New Year’s Eve party and looking for some creative ideas on how to decorate your home? You might be inspired by this site here. Oh, and use this checklist to make sure that you are well prepared.

Something to look out for

When I was in London a few months ago, I heard people talk a lot about ‘street food’. I didn’t know exactly what they meant until I was introduced to it while I was there. So ‘street food’ is ready-to-eat food or drinks that are sold in the street or other public places. It isContinue Reading

Great business ideas, don’t you think?

What do you think about box subscription services? People are so busy today that they’re subscribing to services that deliver goods to their doors on a regular basis. So what sort of things can you order? The London Sock Company has a Sock Club that sends out stylish socks to subscribers every month. The Willoughby Book Club has lotsContinue Reading