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Why learn English?

Learn English

I presume that you’re reading my tips, tricks and resources because you want to improve your English skills. However, if you’re a bit frustrated at the moment because you are not making enough progress, it might help you to understand the advantages of learning a foreign languages.

For example, it can help you improve your memory. Or it can help you to find new ways of seeing things. You might even become a better multi-tasker.

And who knows? Even if you don’t need English now, you might need it in the future! So keep on reading my posts … 😉



How to say yes

Of course, you can just say “yes” if you agree to something or want to give a positive reply. But did you know that there are other ways of saying “yes”? Informal ways include: Yep, Sure, You bet, Sounds good, OK. Formal ways include: Certainly, Of course, Definitely, Absolutely. Sarcastic ways include: Yeah, yeah, yeahContinue Reading

New business ideas

If you’re thinking of starting your own business, you might like to look at these 17 best new business ideas for 2015. What do you think of starting a box subscription service, offering software training or even getting a food truck on the roads? There are no limits to your creativity!

Five tips for your next presentation

Most people I work with who have to give presentations are worried about the questions and answers section which they often place at the end of the whole affair. Read this article on tips for handling questions (link to: ezinearticles.com) written by Alan Matthews. You’ll be that little bit more prepared when going into your next presentation.

Departments in a company

One of my readers asked for a list of departments you would find in a company. Here’s my list. If you think something is missing, I’d love to hear from you. Accounts / Accounting / Advertising Business Intelligence Car Pool / Catering Services  / Communications / Customer Service Design and Engineering / Dispatch / Distribution Engineering / Environmental Affairs / Export /Continue Reading

How can you make meetings more effective?

I know that a lot of people find meetings a waste of time. I often think about they can be made more effective. But how? Have you thought of holding a meeting while walking around or even just standing up? That way your meetings will most probably be much shorter! 😉 Of course, what isContinue Reading

Introducing a new employee

I do like these tips (link to www.dummies.com) on how to introduce a new employee to your company`culture. Why not help him or her have a good start in their new environment? My favourite tip is letting the new employee be a shadow before s/he starts doing his/her own job or using other employees as mentors. IContinue Reading