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Want more from your career and life?

Simplify Your Future from Bruce Kasanoff (speaker and writer who helps companies with both employee engagement and customer engagement)

If you want more from your career and life, you might like to follow some of the recommendations in this little presentation with good insights and lovely photos.

And if you would like to read Bruce Kasanoff’s free ebook entitled “Simplify your future”, you can download it here.

The cover letter

According to the Harvard Business Review, the most challenging part of applying for a job is probably writing an effective cover letter. They recommend that you write a strong opening statement that makes clear why you want the job and why you’re right for it; are succinct, professional and mature; mention an accomplishment that shows you can address the challengesContinue Reading

The perfect job?

Thinking about a career change? What about becoming a lifestyle consultant and personal shopper like Derek Khan (link to: bbc.com).

Calling all model builders

This sounds like a real dream job for a lot of people. Lego is looking for model builders. You’ll find the job description here. I’d love to hear from you if you get the job! 😉

Looking for a new career?

If you’re thinking of changing jobs, you might like to find out what the highest paying jobs were in 2015 according to a job search website in the US. As I read on Time.com, this is the list: 1. Surgeon 2. Psychiatrist 3. Physician (general practice) 4. Corporate executive (senior level) 5. Dentist 6. Petroleum engineer 7. Orthodontist 8. Data scientist 9. Air traffic controllerContinue Reading

Thinking about changing jobs?

20 Jobs of the Future from sparks & honey According to Thomas Frey, “60% of the best jobs in the next ten years haven’t been invented yet.” So what kind of jobs will we be seeing in the future? This slideshow gives us an idea. Could you see yourself working as a ‘digital detox therapist’ orContinue Reading

Ask the right questions to hire the right people

Patrick Brandt, CEO of the open source collaboration software company Zimbra, says you need to ask the right questions in an interview if you want to hire the right people for the job. His questions are rather unconventional, but he says he learns a lot about his candidates from them. His last question is, “What questions do you have forContinue Reading

Not happy with your job?

You’re not happy in your job and thinking about a career change? This article (link to mindtools.com) can give you some ideas on how to find your career direction. The questions you should be asking yourself are: Who Am I? What Do I Want to Do? How Do I Get Hired? I’m sure that some of theContinue Reading

The perfect job

Do you see yourself as being lazy but intelligent? Are you thinking of changing your job? What about becoming an English teacher, a computer programmer or a professional ‘expert’? This article (link to: bbc.com) explains why such a job might be perfect for you! 😉

Is your dream job here?

If you’re tired of your job and are thinking of changing, you might like to give one of these dream jobs (link to: techlays.com) a try. I quite like the idea of being a chocolate taster. So what is your favourite?