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Give it a try!

fish and chips in a brown bag

If you do go to Britain, you must try fish and chips with salt – and, wait for it, vinegar. Wonderful! I’d stay away from those mushy peas, though.

I also like salt and vinegar crisps. And what’s your favourite?

How to feel at home

To feel at home in Britain, I recommend that you drink tea with milk – and perhaps a little bit of sugar. Of course, that is black tea. But nobody says that in England. Tea is tea! By the way, I’m a milk-in-first person! And what about you?

October in Munich

If you’re planning a trip to the Oktoberfest in Munich this year, you might like to prepare yourself well first. You’ll find everything you need to know on the Oktoberfest website.

Holiday guides

Before phoning someone in the US, it might be helpful to check whether they should be at work. This holiday guide for this year (and this guide for next year) might be able to help you. You can even change the country if you like.

Mind your manners – and learn some rules

You’ve been invited out for a meal in the US and are not sure how to behave at the table. In this tip sheet by Ann Marie Sabath, you’ll learn: how to use napkins correctly how to eat your soup and bread and rolls the differences between “American” and “European” styles of dining and theContinue Reading

British traditions

What do you know about traditions in Britain? Have you ever heard of playing conkers, pantomimes and the Queen’s speech at Christmas, pancake flipping on Shrove Tuesday or Guy Fawkes night? They’re all British traditions and on The Telegraph’s list of top 50! Things I miss now that I’m living in Germany? People not queuingContinue Reading

Did you grow up with German parents?

If you grew up with German parents, you might like to read this humorous article! (But 18, 19 and 20 ARE true!) I’d love to open my presents on Christmas Eve, but my children would never hear of it!!  

Use the drink’s correct name

According to British etiquette expert William Hanson, we should only use the word “Champagne” if what we’re serving really is Champagne. Instead of calling it ‘fizz’, ‘bubbly’ or ‘sparkling’, which you’ll often hear in Britain, call it by its real name “Prosecco’. It’s a perfectly acceptable drink.

Who chooses the music in your car?

You’re a passenger in someone else’s car. How do you behave? Do you vape in the car? Do you switch stations on the radio? British etiquette expert William Hanson has some tips for us.    

Germans’ love affair with potatoes

Germans eat tons of potatoes every year, according to this Deutsche Welle article (and slideshow). Whether fried, baked, sliced, grated, rolled, as dumplings or shredded, mixed with onions and deep fried. Did you know that over 5,000 varieties are grown today?