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Find out the 9 secrets

Feeling a bit low now that the days are getting shorter?
Watch this inspirational video to learn the secrets of being happy – and start your day with a smile! ūüôā

Feeling a bit stressed?

I love reading Geoffrey James’s articles. Here’s one on ways to conquer stress (link to: inc.com). My favourite tips and what I like doing: cultivating a tactile hobby getting a therapeutic massage limiting my exposure to violent media (I’ve never liked violent films and computer games anyway) taking a walk outside in nature meditating schedulingContinue Reading

How to stop overeating

Do you eat too much or know someone who does? In this video, Richard Wiseman gives us 10 amazing tips to help us stop overeating.¬†I’m sure you know some of the tips. But some might be quite new to you.

If you have trouble falling asleep, read this!

Watch this short video to get Richard Wiseman‘s 10 amazing tips on how to improve your sleep. You might already know some of these tips. But did you know that you could drink a cup of coffee before taking your afternoon nap? Or that wearing socks in bed might be able to help you? WatchContinue Reading

10 tips for a healthy brain

What can we do every day to keep our brains healthy? According to this article on the Lifehack.org blog, we should: take a nap do something creative just before going to bed focus on one task at a time do cardio and exercises write on a real piece of paper take a multi-vitamin daily learn a newContinue Reading

Are chili (or chilli) peppers on your menu?

Listen to this 60-second podcast (link to: scientificamerican.com) Рor read the transcript on the site Рto find out the benefits of eating spicy food.

40 short and sweet ways to relax

Read this article on 40 ways to relax in 5 minutes or less¬†(link to: greatist.com) to get some new ideas on what you can do to¬†unwind.¬†What are you going to try out? My all-time favourite is going out for a quick walk or jumping on my mini-trampoline.¬†But planning a holiday doesn’t sound like a badContinue Reading

How to improve your sleep, energy and productivity

According to fitness coach Craig Ballantyne, we just need to follow¬†a simple¬†10-3-2-1-0 formula if we’re looking to improve our¬†productivity. 10 hours before bed: No more caffeine 3 hours before bed: No more food or alcohol 2 hours before bed: No more work 1 hour before bed: No more screen time 0: The number of timesContinue Reading

How to stand up more

We know that we all probably spend too much time sitting rather than standing and moving around. But what can we do standing up? We can find some nice ideas in this BBC article here. My favourites? We could use a Segway to move around, organise stand-up meetings and stand up when speaking in front of a group.

Would you be relaxed in a situation like this?

To launch a new product,¬†Nivea¬†put airport passengers in an unexpected and extremely stressful situation.¬†Would you pass this stress test?