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More creativity

How can we become more creative in the next ten minutes? Larry Kim (link to: inc.com) is back with more ideas.

He suggests that we:

  1. doodle something;
  2. sign up for a class in something we’ve never done before;
  3. create the right environment;
  4. pause the brainstorming and move our bodies;
  5. start a sketchbook;
  6. keep toys on our desks;
  7. engage in flash fiction;
  8. try the 30 circles test;
  9. role-play away.

Read the whole article to understand what he means.

Stretch those muscles

According to this article (link to: medium.com) written by Larry Kim founder of WordStream, creativity is very much like a muscle that needs to be “stretched, challenged, and occasionally pushed past its comfort zone.” So what can we do to stretch those creative muscles? The author suggests that we: learn through collaboration; do something we love; find inspiration from otherContinue Reading

An advert to warm our hearts

So, according to this year’s Marks & Spencer advert, it’s not only Father Christmas who does the rounds and brings the presents – on an old-fashioned sledge.  Mrs Claus helps her husband – but she has a helicopter!

Have you heard about the Groundfridge?

What do you think about this innovative idea? I love the idea of having a Groundfridge in the garden – without electricity!

Let’s keep fit

What do you think about these innovative devices that are supposed to help you burn more calories at work? I think the Hovr and S’well both look like a good idea. But I wouldn’t want to give the Cold Shoulder a try, would you?

I’d work here if I could

What do you think about Etsy’s Brooklyn office? I think the “Eatsy” area is amazing – and I love the name! What a great place to work in – surrounded by lots and lots of works of art. Yes, I would apply for a job here if I could (it’s just a bit too far away).

Eight well-designed products

What do you think about these well-designed products (link to: inc.com)? Is there anything you would choose? I like the design of the kettle by Alessi, Muji’s ballpoint pens and the Bose headphones. And you? What would you go for?

Pimp your office

Does your office need brightening up? If you’re looking for some lovely, and perhaps quite different, ideas, take a look at this article here. You’ll find a wing desk made from the wing of a DC3 plane, flexible partitions made of paper and felt, a saddle chair (I love it), beanbags, a bibiochaise (that stores the books you’reContinue Reading


What do you use Post-It notes for? I normally use them for things I don’t want to forget (and stick them on to all kinds of surfaces like my handbag or seat of the car) or just as bookmarks. You’ll find some other ideas in this blog post here. I do like the idea of writing somethingContinue Reading

The Gothenburg Homeless Aid campaign

Listen to how Gothenburg Homeless Aid, a voluntary organisation that helps the homeless, substance abusers and other vulnerable people, managed to make regular letters stand out in the avalanche of Christmas cards, advertisements and junk post and collect 163,000 € in 2009. I think it’s a marvellous idea!