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Six leadership styles. Which one are you?

We’ve spoken about leadership styles before and that there are many different models of leadership styles.
Probably one of the best-known models is Daniel Goleman’s Six Leadership Styles (link to: skillsyouneed.com):
  • Coercive (or Commanding)
  • Pace-setting
  • Authoritative
  • Affiliative
  • Democratic
  • Coaching

So what kind of leader are you? Take this quiz (link to: skillsyouneed.com) to find out.

Talking with your hands

Gestures can be a valuable tool to help you add power to your leadership presence, according to an article in the Business Journals. So why not learn the four ways that gestures can power up your leadership presence (link to: bizjournals.com)?

Six types of leaders

We talked about four styles of leadership last week. This week I’d like to talk about one of the best-known models – Daniel Goleman’s Six Leadership Styles – which I read about on the skillsyouneed.com site. The six types of leaders Daniel Goleman identified are: the coercive (or commanding) leader – who demands immediate obedience the pace-setting leader –Continue Reading

The four styles of leadership

What kind of leader are you? Are you: the classic entrepreneur, the modern missionary, the problem solver or the solution finder? Not sure which one you are? Read irishtimes.com for fuller explanations.

Annual performance reviews

You probably know what yearly performance reviews are. (If you want to learn how to conduct them, take a look here.) What do you think? Are they helpful? Geoffrey James claims that they don’t really improve anything and recommends Adobe’s approach. Instead of annual performance reviews, Adobe’s employees and their managers have regular, informal “check-ins”. It’s an interestingContinue Reading

Is it possible to have happy employees

Tim Dorsett’s job is to make sure that the employees at Innocent Drinks are motivated and happy. How does he do it? Watch the video (link to: youtube.com) to find out.