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How happy are you at work?

Learn how to track your happiness in your daily job with this happiness-work chart. It’s so simple!

Happiness-work chart

What motivates us to work?

It’s not always easy to stay motivated at work, is it? So what motivates us? It isn’t money. And it isn’t joy. Surprised? According to Dan Ariely in his TED talk, it’s feeling that your work has meaning. That you are making constant progress. And that you feel a sense of purpose.

Motivated employees

According to this article on inc.com, it’s so easy to increase employees morale. It might not be what you expect, though. It’s not the incentives and the bonuses that employees need, it’s compassion. But, perhaps you knew this all along! 😉

Learning from ants

In this short video (link to YouTube.com), Jim Rohn explains why he thinks that everyone should study ants. What an amazing philosophy! So what exactly can we learn? To never ever give up, always look ahead, stay positive and do all we can. Now isn’t that great advice?

Motivate your employees

We know that motivated employees perform better, don’t we? But how can this be done? Perhaps these tips on how to motivate employees can work in your organisation. My favourites are: praising employees in front of others giving small rewards never criticising or correcting and throwing a party now and again. And what are yours?