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A must-have before you go away

Christmas is traditionally a time when families get together. This means that a lot of people are getting ready to go home now. But it’s also a time when a lot of people are getting ready to go on holiday – to the sun or to the snow.

If you’re leaving soon, you might like to use this Packing Checklist to make sure that you arrive with everything you need!


How to take care of your suits

British etiquette expert William Hanson tells us how to take care of our suits in this article. He recommends we use proper suit hangers and not wire ones hang trousers separately on clamp hangers hang creased jackets in the bathrooms while we shower or just use a good stream iron to air out any creases fromContinue Reading

Are you doing this properly?

Do you launder your shirts yourself? If so, are you doing it correctly? Read William Hanson’s article to find out. A friend told me many years ago that shirts need to be ironed in a certain order. It’s exactly what William says, too. So here’s the order: “collar, yoke (shoulders), cuffs, sleeves, back, front left side,Continue Reading

New Year’s resolutions

Do you make resolutions every year and then realise some days later that you’ve already broken some of them or all of them? How can we make them work this time? Let’s set realistic goals and take baby steps to achieve them. And remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Print out this little checklist and see if it canContinue Reading

A great way to make our day special

We are often so busy that we forget to pause and to think about making our day a special one. That’s why I like this checklist I found on Mark Sanborn’s site. It’s a simple yet powerful tool. This is one of my favourites: “Did I compliment or praise someone I live or work with today?”