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How fit are you?

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So how good are your presentation skills? Do the mindtools.com quiz and find out.



Give your presentation a clear structure

Need help in organising your next presentation? Watch this video with Alex Lyon to learn how to structure a presentation. You’ll learn: how long the introduction should take – and what you should discuss what you need to cover in the body of the presentation and how much time you should take how long theContinue Reading

How to overcome your fears

You’ve been asked to give a presentation. Although you’re thrilled, on the one hand, you’re also nervous or even frightened. In this article (link to: writing-skills.com) you can learn how Monica Lewinsky overcame her fears. The first step – prepare wisely and thoroughly.

How to grab your audience’s attention

In this short video, Alex Lyon explains how we can grab our audience’s attention by starting a presentation with a fact or a shocking, startling or interesting statistic. I think it’s a great idea!

Tell your audience a story

What about starting your next presentation with a story? Carl Kwan explains how in this short video clip (link to: presentationexpressions.com).

You matter more than your slides!

In the last workshop I attended some months ago, I learned how to use PowerPoint effectively. Most of us know that PowerPoint slides shouldn’t be full of text. Why? Because the audience stops listening to the presenter and moves on to reading the slides. It’s just impossible to read and to listen at the same time.Continue Reading

How to get your audience’s attention

You can give a professionally looking presentation even if you don’t have much to say. Pat Kelly tell us how in this short video clip. You just need to walk, talk and to do the right gestures. It’s as easy as that!

The best way to give a presentation

Rather than learn fixed phrases when giving a presentation, I suggest that use your own words. And that’s exactly what Carl Kwan from Presentation Expressions recommends, too. Your presentation will sound so much more natural and spontaneous.

Watch your body language

If you’d like people to see you as being more trustworthy, you need to watch your body language. So what can you do? According to rd.com, you should: maintain eye contact uncross your arms and legs sit in front of your desk rather than behind it touch a person lightly on their elbow or shoulder (I actuallyContinue Reading

How to “wow” your audience

Geoffrey James tells us to “wow” our audience from the very start of a presentation. But how on earth are we supposed to do that? His tips are to start with: the problem an eye-opening fact or statistic a physical metaphor a surprising video or an audience activity. Read his article on inc.com if you’d like toContinue Reading