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How fit are you?

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So how good are your presentation skills? Do the mindtools.com quiz and find out.



The King’s Speech

5 Presentation Lessons From The King's Speech from Jesse Desjardins – @jessedee ‘The King’s Speech’ is a British historical drama film and is one of my favourites. Take a look at the slideshow to get an idea of the story and also to learn five presentation lessons. Why not watch the whole film with theContinue Reading

Give your presentation a clear structure

Need help in organising your next presentation? Watch this video with Alex Lyon to learn how to structure a presentation. You’ll learn: how long the introduction should take – and what you should discuss what you need to cover in the body of the presentation and how much time you should take how long theContinue Reading

How to overcome your fears

You’ve been asked to give a presentation. Although you’re thrilled, on the one hand, you’re also nervous or even frightened. In this article (link to: writing-skills.com) you can learn how Monica Lewinsky overcame her fears. The first step – prepare wisely and thoroughly.

Stop using dinosaur words

Are you using old-fashioned words when giving presentations? “Notwithstanding” and “thus” are two. (In German that’s “nichtsdestotrotz”and “auf diese Weise”.) I agree with Scott Schwertly, the author of this article here. The best presentations are the simple ones. They’re easy to understand for everyone. If you’re not convinced, watch this very short video to find outContinue Reading

How to give a humorous talk about nothing

Last week we watched Pat Kelly giving an insightful talk about – nothing! This week we’ve got a video of  Will Stephen giving a humorous talk on how to sound smart without having much or anything to say (link to: YouTube.com). I think you’ll still learn something about giving presentations; mainly about how to use body language (such asContinue Reading

Learn how to talk about nothing

If you’d like to become a thought leader, you’ll love Pat Kelly’s video here (link to: YouTube.com). Okay, really he talks about nothing. But he does it well. You’ll learn how to use your hands when presenting, how to get a standing ovation and how to inspire people. Even if you don’t have anything valuable toContinue Reading

How to grab your audience’s attention

In this short video, Alex Lyon explains how we can grab our audience’s attention by starting a presentation with a fact or a shocking, startling or interesting statistic. I think it’s a great idea!

How to answer those questions at the end of your presentation

I’ve found that lot of people dread the Questions and Answers sessions at the end of their presentations. In this YouTube video, Alex Lyon gives us some tips on how to deal with them effectively.

How to grab your audience’s attention

Alex Lyon gives us some great tips on how to open and close our presentations in this YouTube video here.