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The new employee

Can you remember your very first day at work? Did your company give you a warm welcome? Was everything well prepared?

This little video called “Cisco’s New Hire” shows us how not to treat a new employee …

Richard and another amazing bet

Richard Wiseman is back with another amazing bet. In this YouTube video, he’ll show you how to place 15 threads through the eye of a needle within 30 seconds. Again, it’s so easy when you know how.  

The Queen’s English versus Estuary English

Accents and dialects vary widely across The United Kingdom. You might be surprised to learn that there isn’t one single British accent. If you’d like to listen to the difference between the Queen’s English (also known as Received Pronunciation) and Estuary English (associated with South-East England), you might like to watch this YouTube video clip.

Richard and the magical napkin

Here’s another bet you might like to try with your family, friends or colleagues. All you need is a square napkin and a marker pen. And to get going, watch Richard Wiseman (link to: YouTube) explain how it works. It’s so easy when you know how, isn’t it?

How to make objects invisible

I remember reading the book “The Invisible Man” and dreaming of becoming invisible. It seems that a lot of other people have been dreaming the same. Perhaps you have, too. Richard Wiseman (link to: YouTube) shows us how to make objects invisible. So perhaps our dreams will come true one day. 😉  

Stop using dinosaur words

Are you using old-fashioned words when giving presentations? “Notwithstanding” and “thus” are two. (In German that’s “nichtsdestotrotz”and “auf diese Weise”.) I agree with Scott Schwertly, the author of this article here. The best presentations are the simple ones. They’re easy to understand for everyone. If you’re not convinced, watch this very short video to find outContinue Reading

Little tricks you might like to try out

Richard Wiseman is back again. This time with 10 amazing bets you will always win (link to: YouTube). They are so easy. Challenge your friends today! They’ll be so surprised!

How to memorise anything

A former USA memory champion Joshua Foer (link to: YouTube.com) tells us how he memorises anything, including the first 100 digits of Pi. He firsts converts numbers into words and then converts those words into images and ends up by going through his “memory palace”. It’s amazing to see how it works!

How to give a humorous talk about nothing

Last week we watched Pat Kelly giving an insightful talk about – nothing! This week we’ve got a video of  Will Stephen giving a humorous talk on how to sound smart without having much or anything to say (link to: YouTube.com). I think you’ll still learn something about giving presentations; mainly about how to use body language (such asContinue Reading

Learn how to talk about nothing

If you’d like to become a thought leader, you’ll love Pat Kelly’s video here (link to: YouTube.com). Okay, really he talks about nothing. But he does it well. You’ll learn how to use your hands when presenting, how to get a standing ovation and how to inspire people. Even if you don’t have anything valuable toContinue Reading