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So how good is your vocab?


If you want to find out how many words you know, you might like to do this test.

Can you give me some information?

In English the word ‘informations‘ does not exist. So if you want to say that you need ‘Informationen’, you would say that you need ‘information’!

Where are the headquarters?

The English word for ‘Hauptsitz’ is ‘headquarters‘ or ‘head office’. Believe me, the word ‘headquarter’ does not exist!

Food glorious food

A lot of people laugh about the British ‘kitchen’. Actually ‘kitchen’ is the place where the food is prepared! If you mean the food, you can either talk about the English ‘food, ‘cooking’ or ‘cuisine‘ (pronounced ‘kwizeen’). I believe that the food in Britain is better than a lot of people think … Have youContinue Reading

So how many words do you know?

Do this free vocabulary test and find out how many words you know: http://my.vocabularysize.com/.

Tricky translations

Translating from one language to another is often tricky. Do you know how to translate the following words and phrases without looking them up in a dictionary: ‘Kofferraum’, ‘Arbeitstier’, ‘Wohnmobil’, ‘Pechvogel’, ‘ich verstehe nur Bahnhof’ and ‘er ist ein hohes Tier’? Test yourself with this lovely little quiz.

Don’t be confused!

Do you sometimes confuse words like “borrow” and “lend” or “become” and “get” or “play” and “game”? Not to worry. Help is at hand. Take a look at my little checklist here.  

Sorry, can you repeat that word again please?

We sometimes use ‘pleonasms’ without giving them a second thought. And what are they? A ‘pleonasm’ is what we use when we repeat ourselves. Here are some examples: PIN means a ‘personal identification number’. So we don’t need to say ‘PIN number’. And ‘vast majority’. ‘Majority’ means the largest part of a group. So weContinue Reading

How do you pronounce this word?

You see the word “content” in a piece of writing. But how do you pronounce it? There are two ways. It very much depends on the meaning. The stress is either on the first syllable – CONtent (in German: ‘Inhalt’). Or on the second syllable – conTENT (in German: ‘zufrieden’).

Something I’m sure you don’t know

You’d never guess that the most complicated word in English is a three-letter word. It’s ‘run’! According to this article in Reader’s Digest, Oxford English Dictionary editors discovered that the verb form alone has 645 different meanings. Here are some examples of ‘run’ (as a verb): We run a fever. We run a bath. Our nosesContinue Reading