Napkins and not Serviettes

You might think it’s nerdy, but I do like reading about the rules of etiquette now and again. 

In this 2-minute video, British etiquette expert William Hanson talks about the different sizes of napkins and where to place them if you have to leave the table or after you’ve finished eating. 

My napkins look quite different to the ones William shows us. Mine are made of linen. And what is best of all, they don’t need to be ironed. I wonder if William would accept that? Most probably not.

And what about you? Do you use napkins? And if so, what are yours made of?

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  1. Dear Christine,
    what an lovely video! I’m mightily amused. 🙂
    I assume it’s corresponding to our German ‘Knigge’.
    And to be honest I’m regularly using napkins – independent on the meal I’m partaking and the clothes I’m wearing.
    But most of the time I’m using napkins made of pulp. But they always going with the dinnerware or placemats.
    Maybe it’s a bit stupid but I like it! 😉


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