If you’re planning on giving a presentation soon, you might like to work your way through this cheat sheet – 9 steps to becoming a public speaking expert.

Make sure you use the nine ways to make an impact – and then you’re ready to go!

  • Go for a dramatic opening with a challenging question.
  • Begin your sentences with verbs.
  • Add some striking adjectives.
  • Present the talk as a story.
  • Throw in some quotes and humour.
  • Use contrasts.
  • Add some repetition.
  • Use a few three-part lists.


Your perfect speech

Your perfect speech

PresentingDo you dream of giving a perfect speech? This easy-to-follow cheat sheet can help you to plan, prepare and deliver it.

PS Be careful today. It’s April Fool’s Day. Don’t believe everything you read and hear. Someone might be trying to play a prank on you!