How to write the date

Dates can be written in various ways:

29th August, 2017
29th Aug. 2017
August 29th, 2017

I don’t like any of the above. I find them confusing. And we no longer need to write ‘st’, ‘rd’ or ‘th’ after the day.

To make it as clear as possible, I suggest you write the date as follows:

29 August 2017 or, if you like the American way of writing: August 29, 2017.

How to write the date

How to write the date

The date - mconnors

Of course, there are different ways to write the date. However, I recommend the following ways:

10 January 2015 (UK)
January 10, 2015 (US) 
– with a comma after the figure!

I suggest that you don’t write the date like this: 10.01.2015. For me it means 10 January 2015 but for an American it would mean 1 October. And I find that very confusing! 😉

Is it a date or an appointment?

Is it a date or an appointment?

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So have you made a ‘date’ or an ‘appointment’? A ‘date’ is another name for a ‘rendezvous’ (so we use it in a private context), whereas an ‘appointment’ is what you should use for a business meeting.

If you have a date with your boss, you probably won’t be discussing business topics! 😉