A handy dictionary

Do you know the difference between Hispanic and Latino? And what about the difference between England, Great Britain, The United Kingdom and the British Isles? Or the difference between Persian and Iranian? They’re quite tricky, aren’t they? If you’re like me and get confused now and again, you must read this article (link to: www.qz.com). You’ll find that this is a handy dictionary of commonly misused and mixed-up geographical terms. I must say that I learned a lot. But I’ve probably forgotten half of what I read! So I need to read it again from time to time.

A dictionary you can understand

A dictionary you can understand


YourDictionary.com calls itself the easiest to use online dictionary and thesaurus, and gives its readers easy-to-understand definitions.

Let’s ask the dictionary what ‘headquarters’ means …

“Headquarters is defined as the main office or central of control.

An example of headquarters is the main office of Coca Cola in Atlanta where the executives and managers are located.



Translation help

Translation help


I have two very good dictionaries on my tablet, but I still like to use an online dictionary now and again. My favourites are: www.dict.cc and www.leo.org.

If you can’t find the translation for a word, you can always ask for help in Leo’s forum. Here’s a discussion on how to translate the German word ‘Teesieb’. You see, there are always people out there in the big wide world who are willing to help out!