Just say ‘thank you’

Just say ‘thank you’


“With reference to …” is rather old-fashioned. I remember using the phrase years ago. Have you read it before? Do you use it? Such as in: “With reference to your letter …”.

My recommendation? Just say “thank you”. Something like: “Thank you for your letter”. Or “Thank you for contacting us.”

Instead of writing: “With reference to our meeting last week”, you could write: “It was a pleasure meeting you in Cologne last week”. Or even: “I very much enjoyed meeting you in Cologne last week”.

And instead of writing: “With reference to our conversation yesterday”, you could write: “I enjoyed talking to you yesterday”.

I find these phrases much more personal. Do you agree?



Kind regards

Kind regards


Do you use the same words again and again when closing an email? Why not be a little bit more creative?

A lot of people finish their email messages with “Regards”, “Kind regards” or “Best regards”. What about using the following now and again? Of course, they have to fit!

  • Best wishes
  • With thanks
  • Thanks again
  • Thank you for taking your time
  • Have a lovely day
  • Keep up the good work
  • Enjoy your holidays
  • Looking forward to your reply
  • Hope this helps
  • Let me know what you think
  • Take care

Do you have a favourite phrase when closing an email?

Getting ready for the holidays

Before you go off on your summer holidays, you might like to think about what kind of out-of-office message you’d like to set up.

You’ll find six templates here (link to: themuse.com).

Are you looking for something simple? Or are you prepared to have a little bit of fun?

I think the first message looks professional and sounds friendly enough, doesn’t it? Or would you like to be a little bit more daring?