Ending an email

We’ve spoken about ways of ending email messages before. I sometimes use “Take care” if I know the person fairly well. Or even “Take care of yourself”.

And, if it fits, you might like to try: “To your success”.

Closing an email

I’ve given you some phrases you can use when closing an email before. Here are some more to add to your list:
Best regards
Many thanks
In haste (Use when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to proofread your message.)
Warm regards (I think this comes from the US. I see it more and more and am slowly getting used to it. The same with the next phrase.)
Warmest regards

How to end an email message

I find it important to end an email correctly. Okay, I’ve been guilty of writing just “Best” and then my name at the end of a private email, but I wouldn’t use it in a business message. As British etiquette expert William Hanson says, there are better ways of ending your messages.

William’s favourites are ‘With every best wish’ and ‘All good wishes’. I think I’ll use them now and again, too. 🙂