Something to look out for

When I was in London a few months ago, I heard people talk a lot about ‘street food’. I didn’t know exactly what they meant until I was introduced to it while I was there.

So ‘street food’ is ready-to-eat food or drinks that are sold in the street or other public places. It is often cooked and sold in ‘food trucks’. And these trucks appear to be popping up everywhere!

One such business is Luardos – specializing in Mexican food. Another is Baba G’s – offering curry-infused burgers and tandoori wraps. And yet another is Churros Bros – with “the best damn Churros and Chocolate this side of Madrid”!

(Want to know what ‘churros’ are? Take a look here.)

So if you’re going to London soon, see if you can visit at least one of London’s ten most popular food trucks (link to: