How Germany was invented

German as a unified modern state has only existed since 1871. If you’re interested in German history, then you must listen to the BBC’s three part history of Germany before the world wars. You’ll learn about:

  • The Thirty Years War
  • The Rise of Prussia
  • Germany Unified

And here’s the answer to yesterday’s brain teaser: All the letters look the same in the mirror apart from the ‘R’.

“Prost” as they say in Germany

Kölsch, a beer which comes from the German city of Cologne, is being drunk in countries as far afield as the United States, Russia, China and Brazil. There are 20 different brands produced by 10 different breweries around Cologne. That was quite new to me,

You might like to find out more about this beer by reading Deutsche Welle’s article entitled “Cologne’s favourite beer, Kölsch, makes new friends abroad“. Although I’m not a beer drinker myself, I thought the article was very interesting to read.