How to train the brain

Do you remember the memory test a week or so ago? If you feel you need to improve your memory, take a look at these nine excellent tips here – from a Grand Master of Memory, Ed Cooke.

I think coming up with a narrative works really well. Oh yes, and using your imagination, too. One of my favourite sayings is, “You need to use it or you’ll lose it!”.

Do you have a good memory?

If you’d like to see how good your memory is, watch this short video clip (link to: and then scroll down the page to answer the questions.

If you remembered 10 – 15 objects in order, you’re average. 13 – 16 objects means you’re above average. And if you remembered more than 16, you’re great.


The memory speed test

Are you good at retrieving information from your short-term memory? Do this test (link to: to find out and then see how your performance compares to others. It only takes just under 10 minutes to do, and has been designed to help researchers understand how short-term memory works.

Since my school days, my short-term memory has always been better than my long-term memory, so I don’t find tests like this one SO difficult! 😉