How to present

I know a lot of people who hate presenting in front of an audience. You’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of articles on the topic. But why are there still so many boring presentations? Perhaps people are not putting enough time and effort into planning their presentations and practising them?

Jan Runau (link to: gives us a few tips to focus on:

  1. Follow Groucho Marx.
  2. Work without PowerPoint.
  3. Present rather than read.
  4. Keep your slides simple.
  5. Cut out that ‘thank you’ slide at the end.
  6. Find your own presentation style.

You don’t have to try out everything at once. Pick one or two tips and then see if you can follow them.

How to grab your audience’s attention

So you’ve been asked to give a presentation. What’s the best way to capture your audience’s attention? What does an audience like? The Visual Communication Guy lists five good ways:

  • Motion (add a video clip now and again)
  • Human faces (show some large images of faces)
  • Food, sex and danger (add photos that will stimulate our ‘reptilian’ brain)
  • Stories (weave a story around your facts)
  • Noise variations (give your audience “something not only to listen to, but to listen for“)

Are there any more ideas you would like to add?



Deadly mistakes

Deadly mistakes

businessman presentingAre you making these mistakes (link to when presenting in front of an audience? Do you cram too much information on to one slide or use too many animations? And are you well organised? Start working on your presentation skills today. 😉