How do you pronounce this word?

You see the word “content” in a piece of writing. But how do you pronounce it?

There are two ways. It very much depends on the meaning. The stress is either on the first syllable – CONtent (in German: ‘Inhalt’). Or on the second syllable – conTENT (in German: ‘zufrieden’).

How to pronounce the word “buffet”

A “buffet” is a piece of furniture in a dining room (like a kind of sideboard or¬†a counter) from which meals¬†are served. But the word¬†can also mean a meal on a table or sideboard at which guests can help themselves.

But how is the word pronounced?

Iswearenglish on YouTube can help us with the British English pronunciation.

How would you pronounce words with “ough”?

“I Love Lucy” was a popular American comedy show¬†years ago on the television.

In¬†this video clip¬†Lucy asks¬†Ricky, her Cuban husband, to read a children’s book out loud. However, he¬†finds English very confusing and can’t understand why Lucy corrects him all the time. Surely all the words ending¬†in “ough” should sound the same? But they don’t!