Christmas quiz

Today is Christmas Day. Father Christmas came in the night and we’re now getting ready to open our presents … You probably opened yours last night, and so have time for a little quiz …

At the end of Charles Dickens’ novel “A Christmas Carol”, Scrooge invites his employee Bob Cratchit to get together for some “Smoking Bishop”.

Was he talking about:
a. a special Christmas desert
b. a pipe filled with special tobacco
c. a hot spiced drink or
d. a game of chess?

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Answer: c. a hot spiced drink You’ll find the recipe here:

With gloves or without?

How culturally sensitive are you? Do the quiz (link to: to find out. (You can scroll down the page for the answers.)

I wasn’t fully sure whether a man should remove his gloves or not when shaking a business partner’s hand in Britain. I learned from etiquette expert William Hanson that it’s perfectly acceptable for a man to keep his gloves on in cold countries with very icy weather. He should remove his gloves when indoors. Women are allowed to shake hands without removing their gloves.