When your partner says ‘thank you’ (part 2)

You might remember that we spoke about this topic some time ago (in June last year to be exact!).

In Germany, when someone says, “Danke”, people normally reply, “Bitte”.

But what do you do in English? You don’t have to say anything. However, if you feel you must, try some of these phrases:

It was my pleasure.
I’m here to help!
Of course!
Nice to know I helped you.

When your partner says ‘thank you’

In German, when someone says, “Danke”, you most probably reply, “Bitte”. Easy, isn’t it?

But what do you say when someone thanks you in English? You don’t have to say anything. However, if you feel you must, then try some of these phrases:

Thank you!
I’m always happy to help.
Happy to help you.
I’m glad you like it.
My pleasure.
You’re welcome.

I would avoid using ‘no problem’ or ‘not a problem’. We want to be more positive when communicating, don’t we?

Saying thank you

Saying thank you

Saying thank youWe talked about thanking people a month or two ago. Of course, you could write: “Thank you very much for the lovely book you sent me”.
But what about changing the sentence around a little and adding something a bit more personal? Something like: “What a lovely book you sent me. It’s the perfect present. I haven’t been able to put it down. Thank you so much!”
Avoid saying ‘thank you’

Avoid saying ‘thank you’

Thank youStrategic communication advisor Stephanie Scotti says in her article on ragan.com that we should not thank our audience before and after our presentations, arguing that it weakens our message. We should be using a strong opener and a closing statement that is a “knockout punch”. Food for thought!