Boost your small talk skills in a FREE Online Conversation Hour (valued at 25€)

Does the thought of starting a conversation with a stranger make your stomach do somersaults? Are you anxious when it comes to networking? Are you worried about sounding stupid when you interact with others at a conference?

Looking for workplace success?

It’s time you mastered the art of small talk (probably the most important soft skill in business!)

Come and join me and a small group of other business professionals

For a FREE online conversation hour to practise your conversation skills in a real-life business situation and to:

  • learn how to start a conversation even when you think you have nothing to say (using my SPY strategy) and how to keep a conversation going, 
  • improve your confidence in speaking English,
  • learn my number one secret to becoming a small talk expert,
  • find out how to maintain the flow of conversation by asking the ‘right’ questions and
  • discover how to gracefully exit a conversation.

When?: Every Friday at 3 pm.

To register: Please email me at with the date/dates you prefer. I will then get back to you with the details.