A little often is better than a lot at once

You want to do business internationally or work in an international team. And you need to improve your English. Now is a great time to begin. You don’t need to change your personality, you just need to change your behaviour! And this you can do with one step at a time. As consultant Alan Weiss says, “Improve by 1% a day, and in 70 days you’re twice as good.”

Of course, there are lots of things you can do on your own. Why not think about a habit that you would like to adopt on a regular basis? Like watching a short TED  talk, listening to the BBC News, or reading a free e-book.

Decide to do something in English that you like

The idea is to do something on a regular basis. Start with just five or ten minutes a day. And if you miss a day, don’t worry, just go back to where you left off.

You’re finding it difficult to get started? Get an accountability partner – someone like a friend or a colleague who can keep you on track when your motivation is low.

You’re not sure how to begin? Sign up for English365 (on the left-hand side of this screen) and get a tip, trick or resource delivered to your inbox every day. It’s a great way to remind you of that habit you’re trying to work on!

And take a closer look at these FREE resources

We’ve posted lots of lovely links and downloads to support you on your language learning journey. And, if you feel there’s anything missing, just drop us a line with your recommendation.

Good luck!
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Here are lots of downloads on all kinds of topics, ranging from words that you might find confusing to vocabulary that can help you explain a menu to a foreign business partner.

Is there anything missing? Tell us straightaway!

[one-half]False-FriendsWords that can be confusing for German speakers as they appear to be the same but have quite different meanings[/one-half]

[one-half last=”y”]British-American-differencesA guide which points out the main differences between these two varieties of English[/one-half]

[one-half]German-English-Food-GlossaryA wordlist which can help you explain the menu to a foreign business partner[/one-half]

[one-half last=”y”]German-loanwordsGerman words that have no direct English translation[/one-half]

[one-half]Easily-confused-wordsA list of words which can easily be confused[/one-half]

[one-half last=”y”]Prepositional-phrasesA list of common phrases arranged by preposition[/one-half]

[one-half]Colour-idiomsA nice little list to help you use more colour in your language[/one-half]

[one-half last=”y”]Echo-wordsDouble or rhyming words which you might like to use now and again[/one-half]

[one-half]Abbreviations-AcronymsThe most commonly used English abbreviations and acronyms[/one-half]

[one-half last=”y”]Sing-along-songsLearn English through songs – and have fun![/one-half]

[one-half]Tongue-twistersLet’s twist and tangle your tongue![/one-half]

[one-half last=”y”]QuotationsQuotations made by some well-known and some not so well-known people[/one-half]

[one-half last=”y”]Just-for-funEnglish jokes to make you smile[/one-half]

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