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Frauen machen Business

Frauen machen Business

A group of committed female entrepreneurs all based in Heinsberg
(I’m a member)

Ute Voormanns-Wolters

An incredibly dedicated and supportive personal and business coach — and horse-assisted coach

Gerda Köster

A dedicated expert in sustainable development of organisations and people —and in the Zurich Resource Model

m2s marketing to sales

Marc Sobolewski

A highly experienced and compassionate consultant, certified trainer and coach, and an expert for change in strategic projects

Ruth Klapperoth

Ruth Klapproth

A creative, patient and
personable photographer
(and videographer)

Marion Müller-Platz

Marion Müller-Platz

A highly experienced estate agent
with a personal touch and
professional approach

Lisa Blum Grafikbüro

Lisa Blum

A graphic and web designer extraordinaire —intelligent, accessible and simply full of great advice (for over 8 years now)


Thorsten Büsser

A highly competent and perceptive coach, trainer, couples counsellor and psychotherapist

Marcus Frey

Marcus Frey

A resourceful and versatile graphic recorder, visual facilitator and illustrator — with an astounding eye for detail

Lisa Blum Grafikbüro

Nadine Kosak

An innovative and passionate Vinyasa yoga, meditation, mindfulness and forest bathing trainer


Coachingwerk Köln

The “think differently, do differently” experts for business, career, personal and team coaching in Cologne (My friend and former business partner, Kerstin Brandes, is a member)



Chanté Nöhlen,
founder of the brand consultancy Charaktere, is not only a brilliant brand strategist but also a highly gifted
interior designer.

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