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We are a small international team of language and communication trainers – with several things in common. We all have an academic background and considerable business and training experience. We’ve lived abroad for several years, have worked in and with different cultures and speak at least one foreign language.

Our range of skills and experience is quite impressive if I may say so myself!

Hello there. I’m Christine, an English Communication Coach.

I’ve always had a love of language. Perhaps it’s because I was born and brought up in England to German parents? We spoke only English at home, but I learnt to speak and write grammatically correct German later at school and college.

After college, and at the age of 20, I came to Germany to work. The experience I gained over the years working in different jobs and in different businesses have helped me to understand what exactly my clients need in their day-to-day business lives.

My own business was founded in 2000 with a mission to show others how languages can open doors – both from a personal and professional point of view – and that language learning can actually be fun (and quite different to learning at school). My focus today? On helping business professionals communicate in a good, clear English that is understood all over the world.

I’m a firm believer in lifelong learning. In fact, several years ago, I studied online with the University of Dundee while running my business, and graduated with a master’s degree in Teaching Modern Languages to Adults.

In my free time, I love connecting with family members, cycling around the countryside, listening to operas and looking at arts and crafts – and being creative myself.


Hello and hola, I’m Anke, a Business English and Spanish trainer.

“Language is the gate to the world.”

After my apprenticeship in a bank, I studied translating English and Spanish at the Fachhochschule Köln, The Southbank University of London and the Universidad de Granada. My teaching experience as an English/Spanish teacher was gained over the last ten years with both children and adults. I sometimes combine my English/Spanish conversation courses with Nordic Walking.

I travelled a lot during my youth – to Latin America, Australia, Israel etc. and found out that languages open doors and minds. I think it is a wonderful job to help people gain a better understanding.

Apart from being a language trainer, I am a mother and have a part-time job at the University of Cologne.
In my free time, I love gardening, cooking, reading books, yoga and I enjoy singing in a gospel choir.


Hallo, this is Evelyne speaking, a Business English, Dutch and German trainer.

Being born and raised in the Netherlands near the German border, I became influenced by the sounds of a foreign language at a very young age. This fed my love for communicating in a foreign tongue.

My first station to develop this was Berlin in 1989, where I studied German, English, Italian and French. During my studies I translated, interpreted and worked for several institutions. I started working as a language trainer for German and English in 2004, and added Dutch to my portfolio later.

I love listening to all kinds of music, explaining maths to schoolchildren, reading modern literature, meeting up with friends and sharing good food and laughs, and singing in my band.


Bonjour! – Je m’appelle Floriannea Business French trainer.

Ich bin am 14. Mai 1989 in Köln geboren. Ich wuchs bilingual (Französisch-Deutsch) auf und besuchte im Wechsel deutsche und belgische Schulen. Nach dem Gymnasium entschied ich mich, den Weg der Musik einzuschlagen.

Seit dem Jahr 2010 bin ich tätig als Komponisten, Texterin und Interpretin. Nebenbei absolvierte ich eine Ausbildung zur Flugbegleiterin, in der ich durch die Sicherheitsanweisungen mein Talent und meine Liebe zur Stimme entdeckte.
 Ich absolvierte ebenfalls eine Synchronsprecher-Ausbildung in Köln.

Heute arbeite ich als Französischtrainerin mit Erwachsenen – mit viel Leidenschaft. Mein Geheimnis: Alltägliche „französische“ Situationen bzw. die Kultur in den Trainingsraum zu bringen und das Training immer sehr praxisnah zu gestalten.

Da meine zweite Heimat „la Bretagne” ist, liebe ich es auf dem Wasser sportlich aktiv zu sein und meine Energie durch eine gutes traditionelles Essen aufzuladen.


Ciao – my name is Marcella, a Business English, German and Italian trainer.

My strong belief is: Language is something lovely, interesting, and useful in so many ways!

I learned this during my linguistic studies at the University of Cologne, through my personal upbringing in an international and bilingual family, and during my teaching experience of the past 11 years.

Especially English, as a global language, opens many doors and helps us to be understood, to socialise, and to do business worldwide. But also teaching German to foreigners, enables to make others more familiar with our language and culture. Therefore, I have made it my job to help and support people to get access into a second language and into new aspects of life!

However, Britain and its language have definitely won over a bit of my European heart. After having worked in the south of England as well as for the British Army in Germany, I spent many years teaching at the Goethe Institute in Scotland and am still strongly connected to that beautiful country!

I do not only travel regularly to the UK though – exploring unknown countries, cities and cultures is generally one of my favourite pastimes. Some other hobbies of mine are: reading, Zumba, playing and listening to music, golf, and crafting.


Hi, I’m Rachel, a Business English trainer.

I was born in The United States in 1973. I’ve been living in Germany since 2003, and teaching English since 2001. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been interested in other cultures, and what makes each unique. I’ve traveled the world extensively and one of my favorite things in life is discovering new cultures and interesting places.

It’s a joy for me to be able to bring the American and English-speaking cultures to others through teaching English, while I continue to discover German culture by living here. Language is culture, and as we learn a new language, the culture(s) where it originated slowly open up to us.

Besides being an English trainer, I am a mother and a hospice care worker. In my free time I enjoy music, dancing, yoga, art, reading, cooking, and of course traveling and discovering new cultures and people.


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