A … is for Advent

Trees in snowDecember means that Christmas will soon be upon us. And, I’ll be posting an A – Z of Christmas vocabulary you might need when speaking to foreign customers and colleagues. So let’s get going with A ….

The time before Christmas, what we call the season of Advent, is a bit different in England. And, of course, every family has its own traditions. Our family, for example, has a mix of English and German traditions.

There are advent calendars (which are used to keep track of how many days are left until Christmas) and wreaths (though they are often without candles and hung on the front doors) in England. And people also have Christmas trees, but these are often set up indoors at the beginning of the Advent season. Quite different to what people do here in Germany.



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  1. Anna Nolan

    Thanks, Christine; very interesting!

  2. Christine

    What a surprise to be nominated for the Liebster Award, Anna. Thank you very much for considering me. I am truly honoured. However, I cannot accept as I simply don’t have the time to do the award justice. I am extremely busy running two language training businesses. This means that I have very little time for writing.

    I will, however, look at the other sites you have nominated and try to continue reading your entertaining posts.

    Best wishes


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Written by Christine Burgmer

1. December 2014