As a leader, you have years of experience and expertise. You're an expert in your field. But does that show when you speak English?


Find your voice in English – so you can learn to communicate clearly and confidently to the rest of the world

Are you too shy, nervous or frightened to speak in a foreign language in front of others? Perhaps you can’t find the right words or are worried about making a grammar mistake.  You might never have understood those grammar rules you were taught years ago anyway. Or perhaps you speak quite well, but realise that you are less effective and communicate less confidently than in your native language. And that’s all holding you back. You have a dream … You dream of speaking spontaneously and naturally (without having to translate in your head and to think too much every time you want to say something).  You dream of writing clear and professional email messages (without having to check Google Translate every five minutes or to ask a colleague for support for the hundredth time). On top of all that, you dream of enjoying your language learning experience. But is that at all possible? We know it is with us.

Let us help you choose the programme that’s perfect for you


Working individually with your trainer means you can focus on exactly what you want and can work at your own pace. Whatever you choose, you’ll get personalised feedback after each training session.


You live too far away or don’t want to lose time travelling? Work individually with your trainer online (normally by Skype or Zoom) or via telephone and you can focus on exactly what you want and can work at your own pace.


Working regularly with colleagues who have similar language levels and needs, not only offers you lots of opportunities to practise your language skills. It’s also a great way for you to interact with and learn from others.


We can help you gain the skills and confidence you need to pass an officially recognised language exam (like TOEFL, Cambridge, LCCI, Goethe certificates, Test DaF etc.).


You’ve been asked to give a presentation to an international audience, to show a group of foreign visitors around your company or to write your next report in the foreign language? Whatever the challenge, you need support – now! No problem. We’ll make sure you’re well prepared.


Your group would like to focus on a specific skill – for a day or even longer? Something like modern business writing or presenting? Or negotiating internationally or socialising and networking? Or intercultural communication? Whatever the business skill you choose, you’ll be well prepared for the future.


You need to improve your language skills fast. Why not spend a whole week (that’s 70 hours or more) with your trainer in a country where the foreign language is spoken as a first language? And experience the fastest and most intensive way to learn the language.

Do you want to go alone or would you rather take a colleague or two with you? Your trainer will focus on the topics you’d like to cover and will discuss with you just how intensive you’d like your training to be.

What about having personalised business language training in a meeting room in the mornings and then spending the rest of the day practising your new language skills while out and about? You’ll not only discover the area, you’ll also be in contact with a lot of new people to make your experience even richer.

And don’t worry. Your trainer will be at your side the whole day – to encourage, support and inspire you to use what you’ve learned in real life.


You need someone to translate an important email or other document? Or perhaps someone to interpret at one of your next events? We can support you here, too.

Let’s talk

For more information, contact us today.  We look forward to getting to know you.

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Sie möchten sich mündlich wie auch schriftlich korrekt und angemessen ausdrücken? Mit uns können Sie Ihr Sprachziel meistern - entweder face-to-face oder online. Wir vermitteln Ihnen grundlegende aber auch fortgeschrittene Sprachkenntnisse. Alles passgenau abgestimmt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse.

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