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You’re an expert in your field. But does that show when you speak English?

Do you feel frustrated or even embarrassed because you think people won’t see how intelligent and competent you are?

Perhaps you’re worried about making mistakes or making a fool of yourself.

Or you’re nervous when speaking and sometimes even lost for words.

A lot of experts struggle with the same issues.  You’re not alone. We’re here to help.

How can we best help you transform the way you communicate in English?

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How to Transform Painful Experiences?

You've probably heard of the positive impact of keeping a diary or journal, but have you heard of keeping a miracle diary? The concept was quite new to me, until I received  The Life Coach Toolman's post the other day. Harley M. Storey, The Life Coach Toolman,...

11 Ideas to Change Your Point of View

You're stuck? You need a little inspiration? Nadia von Holzen has instructions how to make a "Thinking Outside The Box" box! It can help us to think differently or from a new perspective. She's even given us a template we can use! All we now need to do is to get...

A Rule of Thumb

A rule of thumb is a rule or principle that you follow which is not based on exact calculations or theory, but rather on experience or practice. It's rather like a guideline or an unwritten rule. A rule that is wise to follow perhaps. In German we talk about a...

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A daily dose of English—a word, a tip, a link, a question or a quotation—every day from Monday to Friday.

Take a look at my BLOG—and boost your English conversation skills one step at a time.

Christine zählt als Trainerin und Business Coach für mich zu den besten, die ich bisher erlebt habe. Sie ist in hohem Maß professionell, hat ein tolles Gespür für die Bedürfnisse ihrer Kunden/innen und ist darüber hinaus sehr empathisch.

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