A More and Less Challenge

We don’t need to wait until next year in January to break a habit we don’t like, or to form a good one.

In 2012, Alex Abelin conducted an experiment in, what he called, ‘More & Less’.  He decided on a new theme each month—on something he wanted to add or subtract to his life  for the whole month.

Here’s his list (which you can also see if you follow the link above):

Alex's More & Less

Is there anything you would like do less of or cut completely?  For instance, no alcohol, no social media, no coffee, no red meat, no sugar, no spending, no curse words? Is there anything you would like to do more of? More meditation, more journaling, more exercising, more doing good deeds? 

What would be the most difficult for you to give up? For me, it would be social media. And for you?


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