Beyond the Paycheck: Finding Purpose in Your Work

You’ll do your best work on behalf of an audience and a cause that deserves it, appreciates it and applauds it. If it’s just a job, you’ve sacrificed your best energy for a paycheck.
Seth Godin

Are you sacrificing your best energy for a paycheck?

Or are you passionate about what you are doing and believe in the cause you are working for?

After having taken my A-levels and spent two years at a technical college in England, I started my career in Hamburg as a Personal Assistant.

But I didn’t feel like it was the right fit for me.

I later transitioned into translation but still didn’t feel fulfilled.

It wasn’t until I discovered English language coaching for business professionals many years later that I found my true calling. (I even did a master’s degree to further develop my skills and knowledge in the field.)

Helping others improve their English skills and gain confidence in their communication abilities brings me a sense of fulfillment and purpose that I never knew was possible.

It’s amazing to see my clients grow and thrive in their careers as a result of our work together.

I’m grateful to have found work that aligns with my passions and values.

Have you found your calling?

If not, what steps can you take to move closer to your ideal career?


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