British vs. American: How Do the Accents Differ?

Let’s dive into the phonetic wonderland of General British and American accents.

Everyone knows it: you turn on the TV, your favourite Hollywood actor is speaking–and you swear that he sounds different to your friends from London.

So how exactly do the accents differ?

Pronunciation Studio explains them very nicely—with audio files added.

But how can you practise these different pronunciations?

Well, fortunately there are plenty of ways to do that.

Listen to English-language radio shows or podcasts. Copy the pronunciation of the hosts or interviewees. Try to pay particular attention to typical phrases and peculiarities. This way, you’ll not only get a sense of the rhythm of the different accent variants but also a more authentic sound.

Another tip is to practise with songs. Music combines emotions with language, which can help you understand and imitate the melodic differences between the two accents.

Just remember that an accent is nothing negative. It makes us unique, adds a touch of originality to our personality–and opens doors to cultural exchange.

So which accent do you prefer?


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