Do You Give 110%

Do you use workplace jargon and phrases like the ones in the picture or the title here?

According to, in a survey of 2,000 remote and hybrid workers commissioned by Slack and conducted by OnePoll, two-thirds of the workers stated that they disliked their colleagues using workplace jargon.

Respondents found the following phrases overused or bothersome:

  • ASAP (15%)
  • Keep me in the loop (15%)
  • Just checking in (14%)
  • Team player (14%)
  • Give 110 per cent (13%)
  • Sorry for the delay (13%)
  • New normal (13%)
  • No worries (13%)
  • Touch base (13%)
  • Think outside the box (13%)
  • Loop me in (13%)
  • Back to square one (13%)
  • Circle back (13%)
  • There’s no I in team (13%)

I try not to use these phrases because many non-native speakers of English might not understand them.

You can avoid these phrases by learning to use clear English.

An example. Instead of saying:

We need to get back to square one”

you can say:

We need to go back to the beginning”.

It makes it easier for everyone to understand!


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