Do You Know the Feeling?

You’ve been working on something or dreaming about something for a long time. Too long, perhaps.Perhaps you want to launch a product or a service. Or you want to write a book. Or it’s something completely different you’ve been meaning to do.

Is this what procrastination looks like? (“Procrastination” in German is “das Zögern” or “Zaudern”).

Some say procrastination is good. And some say it’s bad.

I could tell you that I’ve been giving myself some time. It’s true. Perhaps I’ve lost precious time. I can’t say. But I’ve been collecting a lot of information. Perhaps more than I need. That maybe.

So what’s been holding me back? Is it fear of failing? Or is that perfectionism gets in the way.

It’s probably a mix of both.

So what can I do? I can decide to start now—imperfectly— and to optimise later. Working on the perfect model or plan, without implementing it, won’t get me anywhere.

And what about you? Have you been procrastinating? Is there something you’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t managed to finalise yet?


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