English Made Easy: Talk & Connect with Speed Networking

You’d love to feel confident in those international meetings, speak English comfortably, and make wonderful connections with other business people?

But you feel super uncomfortable just thinking about practising?

Relax! That’s where my free Speed Networking sessions come in!

I know how scary using English at work can be.  That’s why I created these sessions.

I want to offer you a relaxed and exciting way to:

  • Boost your English skills: Talk naturally, get fluent faster, and feel more confident speaking English for work—all in a safe and friendly zone!
  • Grow your network: Meet other cool business people from different fields. Who knows who you might meet and what amazing opportunities could come from it?
  • Learn from each other: Share ideas, swap stories, and pick up tips from other experts in the group.

So, how do we make this magic happen?

  • Organised fun: I have a clear plan for each session with short chats, so everyone gets a chance to talk and connect.
  • Icebreaker helpers: We start with conversation starters to get things flowing and make the chats interesting.
  • No pressure!: We focus on talking naturally—and don’t worry about making mistakes.

These free Speed Networking sessions twice a month are the perfect mix. Practise your English and build wonderful business connections—all at the same time!

Ready to boost your English for work? 

Sign up for my next Speed Networking session and experience the magic of connecting and learning in a fun and dynamic way.

You might be surprised at how much you can achieve!

P.S.  Perhaps Margot Dimi’s words can convince you: “Englisch lernt und trainiert man am Besten, indem man es spricht. Genau das ist bei Christine Burgmer ganz einfach via Zoom möglich. Ganz nebenbei lernt man auch noch wunderbare Menschen kennen. 5/5 Sterne von Herzen für ein wunderbares Angebot!


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