Enhance Your English Skills With Real Conversations and Expert Guidance

I’m often asked, “What does a one-to-one session with you look like, Christine?

This is how I might respond. So only read on if you’re interested!

I believe that real conversations are the key to improving English skills.

I start our session by asking questions to get to know you better. These questions could revolve around your educational background, work history and past experiences.

I encourage your words to flow naturally, without me interrupting or correcting you. Unless, of course, you have a question or need support.

During our conversation, I take notes in the Zoom chat. This allows me to guide you without disrupting your train of thought. I capture essential words and phrases and even offer alternatives or pronunciation help. Are there any grammatical mistakes? These are noted, too. 

We discuss this feedback during our session when the time is right.

Upon request, our sessions can be recorded for you to review at your own pace. This serves as a valuable tool for tracking progress and focusing on areas you need to improve.

You’ll also receive the chat text from our session, a handy resource for further study.

The most exciting part? We engage in real discussions about topics that matter to you—your background, achievements, current work, short- and long-term goals, or any subject you choose to explore.

This is language in action, your gateway to mastering English.

If you’d like to give your English a boost, let’s get together to chat.


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