Euphemisms for People

Euphemisms are polite expressions we use when we want to talk about negative things without sounding too negative.

Let’s look at euphemisms for people today.

Imagine you’re talking about someone you know. Instead of saying that they’re “old“, you can say that they are “getting on“.

Instead of saying that someone is “fat“, you might like to say that they are “rather on the large side” or “big boned“. (You might even have heard that someone is “horizontally challenged“, but I don’t use that term myself!)

And instead of saying that someone is “unemployed” or “out of work“, you can say that they are “between jobs” or “taking a break from regular work“!

Of course, you’ll find a lot more euphemisms —some of them quite crazy and inventive. So it’s up to you to decide which ones you’d rather use!

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