Feathers, Friends, and Fun: Unveiling the Secrets of Hen Nights

Stag nights, we covered a while back. Now, what about the ladies?

Welcome to the “hen night,” a.k.a.* the “bachelorette party”.

Is it a serene tea ceremony with friends or a wild night out? The truth is likely somewhere in between.

Firstly, why “hen night”?

Well, hens are social birds, always sticking together—just like women on this special evening. And believe me, they can be as loud, if not louder, than their male counterparts!

The “hen night” is as exciting as the “stag night,” offering future brides a chance to celebrate with friends before married life.

Whether a spa day or a city adventure, a citywide scavenger hunt or a cosy park picnic, it’s up to the ladies.

Of course, there are trendy ideas to spice up the hen night. From pole dance classes to crafting workshops and luxurious getaways—the sky’s the limit!

But remember a “hen night” isn’t just about celebrating the last “free” nights or cheering the future couple. It’s about spending valuable time with friends and creating lasting memories.

What hen night activities would you recommend for creating unforgettable memories?

*a.k.a. = also known as


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