Getting away from a bad conversation

You’re having a conversation with someone, but would like to get away gracefully. What can you say?

On the phone I might say something like:

  • “I should let you go.”
  • “I hate to interrupt, but I simply must take a bio-break.”
  • “Let’s discuss this another time. I’m too busy at the moment to give it my full attention.”

At a conference I might say:

  • “Excuse me. I have to rescue Olivia from a conversation. She just gave me the signal.”
  • “I hate to interrupt you, but I simply must take a bio-break.”
  • “I have to take an important call!… (explaining) My phone is on vibrate.”
  • “Sorry, what time is it?”

You’ll find other ideas and explanations in Geoffrey James’s article here.


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Written by Christine Burgmer

9. August 2017