Getting started

Do you always start an email with the same friendly greeting? I thought you might like some more ideas so that you don’t use the same words again and again.

Look here:

  • I hope you are enjoying the spring weather.
  • How are you? I hope you are well.
  • I hope all is well.
  • I hope you are fine.
  • I hope your talk went well yesterday.
  • I hope you enjoyed your trip to …
  • It was lovely to meet up with you again in …
  • I’m so pleased that we are in touch again.
  • I trust you and your colleagues are fine.
  • Greetings to you and your colleagues.
  • Greetings from all of us at ….  [put your company’s name here].
  • Greetings from … [put a person’s name here] and me.
  • Welcome back to work. I hope you had a lovely holiday.

Do you have a favourite greeting?