Haiku-licious: A Tasty Treat for Language Lovers

Have you ever written a Haiku?

“Sorry, a Haiku?” you might ask. “What is it?”

It’s a tiny poem like a little package with three lines inside.

The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven, and the third line has five again. 

The words are like a painting. They paint a vivid picture of nature or feelings in our heads.

They’re like secret messages sent all the way from Japan. surprised

Over to you

If you like playing with words, you might like to create a Haiku (using the 5/7/5 rule), and send it to me.

I could post it in a future Spark. kiss

Here are my two Haikus about Zoom

On Zoom calls all day,
From the comfort of my home.
Work and life, blurred lines.

Back-to-back Zoom calls.
Screen—my only window now,
Zoom fatigue sets in. 

Are you prepared to take the challenge?


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