How good are you?

Do you know the difference between

  • Hispanic and Latino?
  • England, Great Britain, the United Kingdom and the British Isles?
  • Persian and Iranian?
  • Chinese and Mandarin?
  • Arab, Arabic and Arabian?
  • The Midwest and the Great Plains?
  • American Indians, Native Americans and First Nations?
  • The Netherlands and Holland?
  • America and The United States?
  • South Asia and Southeast Asia?
  • The South Pacific and Polynesia?
  • Guyana, Guiana, The Guianas and The Guineas?
  • Syrian and Syriac?
  • The Baltics and The Balkans?
  • The Middle East, MENA and The Arab World?
  • Nordic, Norwegian and Norse?
  • Asian and Asiatic?

If you’re not sure, you’ll find the explanations in this article here (link to:

(I must say that I learned quite a bit there!)

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Written by Christine Burgmer

2. April 2017