How Important Are Idioms?

Native speakers do use idioms a lot. But I have a confession to make. I don’t understand them all. And I’ve realised that native speakers, who don’t come from England, might not understand the idioms I use.

So why are language teachers and trainers teaching them? Would it not be better to focus on more international English? On an English that is understood all over the world.

If you’re talking to a native speaker of English, then use those idioms you’ve learnt. But you need to know,  if you use them slightly out of context, they will probably sound weird.

If you use English in business, isn’t it more important to communicate clearly and understandably?

If we want our listeners to better understand us, we can make it easier for them by:

  • avoiding long sentences and
  • using simple vocabulary.

Practice might not make us perfect, but it will make us better!


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